The Best Horse Betting Tip

Rob Gregorka
Updated: September 14, 2011 -- 4:15 PM ET

You probably know that nearly everyone has a great horse betting tip they want to tell you. Almost all of the horse betting tips you have gotten in the past probably didn't make you any money. If there was one that was guaranteed to make you money, then you would definitely listen. Let's look at one that will put money in your pocket every single time.

Horse racing rebates are a way for you to turn a profit even if you have a losing day. Get your rebates at Off Track Betting.

Horse Racing Rebates
Forget about jockeys, trainers, speed figures, angles, tips, etc. when it comes to horse wagering. They are not going to be reliable enough for you to win on a consistent basis when you are betting the horses. The only thing that is guaranteed to put money in your pocket is the horse rebate. Let's repeat that for emphasis. You get guaranteed money back with a horse rebate.

Let's take a popular track to illustrate this point. If you are wagering at and playing races at Belmont Park, you get an automatic rebate on win, place, show and all of the exotic bets. You probably already know that to beat the races in the long run, you have to play the exotics. The best part about rebates is that they pay the most on exotic bets. You get 12% back on trifecta, superfecta, pick 3, pick 4 and pick 5 wagers at Belmont Park. You don't even have to break even to make money because you are getting back 12% in a rebate in this particular example.

Bet the Exotics
If you want to beat the track takeout, you are going to have to play exotic wagers to win in the long run. You can bet the exotics at and get the rebates that go along with them. Check out our horse racing rebate list for the track you want to play at and then take a shot with the exotics. It doesn't matter whether you are playing the Daily Double, exacta, trifecta, superfecta or the multi-race bets, you are going to get a nice rebate. Just think about what an extra 12% can do for your horse wagering bankroll. You can include more horses into your tickets and have a better chance of hitting that big ticket that will make it all worthwhile. Make sure to take advantage of this horse betting tip and get your rebates at

Horse Betting

OTB Schedule - Monday, Sep 26

Race Tracks Time (EST)
Ajax Downs 12:54 PM
Australia A 11:00 PM
Australia B 11:10 PM
Australia C 11:18 PM
Daytona Beach Mat 1:09 PM
Dayton Raceway 2:03 PM
Delaware Park 1:16 PM
Finger Lakes 1:11 PM
Grand River 6:35 PM
Gulfstream Tropical 4:33 PM
Harrington Raceway 5:05 PM
Jacksonville Eve 7:45 PM
Mohawk 7:30 PM
Monticello Raceway 12:56 PM
Mountaineer Park 7:00 PM
Northfield Park 6:07 PM
Palm Beach Mat 1:04 PM
Parx Racing 12:57 PM
Plainridge 1:04 PM
Pocono Downs 4:36 PM
Presque Isle 5:28 PM
Thistledown 1:44 PM
Yonkers Raceway 7:10 PM
Zia Park 2:12 PM

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