Finding a Successful Horse Betting System

Rob Gregorka
Updated: June 20, 2011 -- 12:10 PM ET

Las Vegas, NV -- Horse betting systems have been in use for many years as many people love to bet on horses. There are two main questions we need to answer about horse betting systems which are -- do they work, and which ones are the best?

Let us start with defining a horse wagering system. A system is something that tells you what horse to bet on and in which races. It sounds great, but the problem is that most systems are not very good in the long run. There are a multitude of horse betting systems that have been tried. The best way to tell if a betting system is any good is by its results. You either have to test out the system by tracking it, or you test it with real money. The problem is that you cannot be sure when you have a system that it is going to be reliable in the long run as things are always changing in horse racing.

Your two options are to either track the horse betting system or to simply start playing it. Keep in mind that even if you do find a system that has worked for a short period of time, that does not mean it will work in the future.

To make money at the horses, you need to overcome the track take out and that is almost never done by following a system.

You might be someone who has a system of picking horses that identifies winners in a two-year old race that fits a certain criteria. Unfortunately that data may not always be the same. And the system may not have been tested over many years of racing.

If you really want to know if a system is worth anything then track it over 1,000 races. That is a lot of races and will give you a very good idea if the system is worth anything. Many times when you test a system for that long, you will find that it is a long-term loser.

In answering our first question we found that most systems for off track betting simply don't pass the test of time. To make money at the horses, you need to overcome the track take out and that is almost never done by following a system. If you want to make money in off-track betting then you need to play the exotics and you need to take advantage of every edge you can find. That means taking advantage of rebates, and it might mean playing guaranteed pick four's or pick six's. In this scenario, the take out comes down and the rebate goes up. Getting rebates and playing the guaranteed exotics may be the best system for betting the horses.

Joe Hirsch Turf Classic 2016

OTB Schedule - Friday, Sep 30

Race Tracks Time (EST)
Australia A 10:21 PM
Australia B 10:29 PM
Australia C 10:47 PM
Batavia Downs 6:19 PM
Belmont Park 1:31 PM
Belterra Park 1:30 PM
Charles Town 7:09 PM
Daytona Beach Eve 7:27 PM
Dayton Raceway 6:20 PM
Evangeline Downs 6:36 PM
Freehold Raceway 12:44 PM
Gulfstream Tropical 1:24 PM
Harrahs Philly (Chester) 12:43 PM
Hazel Park 7:31 PM
Iowa Greyhound Park Eve 7:30 PM
Jacksonville Eve 7:49 PM
Laurel Park 1:12 PM
Lone Star Park 7:35 PM
Los Alamitos (QH) 10:03 PM
Mohawk 7:35 PM
Monmouth at Meadowlands 7:00 PM
Northlands Park (TB) 8:31 PM
Northville Downs 7:01 PM
Palm Beach Eve 7:03 PM
Palm Beach Mat 1:09 PM
Penn National 6:01 PM
Plainridge 1:05 PM
Pleasanton 5:16 PM
Prairie Meadows (TB) 6:31 PM
Red Mile 7:08 PM
Remington Park 8:08 PM
Retama Park 7:46 PM
Sanford Eve 7:39 PM
Sanford Mat 1:35 PM
Santa Anita Park 4:02 PM
Saratoga Harness 6:51 PM
Southland Eve 8:31 PM
Southland Mat 2:04 PM
Thistledown 1:43 PM
Tri-State Eve 7:03 PM
Vernon Downs 6:48 PM
Wheeling Downs Eve 6:32 PM
Wheeling Downs Mat 12:32 PM
Will Rogers Downs 1:01 PM
Woodbine (TB) 1:25 PM
Yonkers Raceway 7:13 PM

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