Horse Rebates Can Turn Losers into Winners

Rob Gregorka
Updated: August 3, 2011 -- 12:20 PM ET

Las Vegas, NV -- If you are a horse player then you need to know about Horse Racing Rebates because they can turn you from a losing player into a winning one. A horse betting rebate is simply getting cash back for every wager you make whether it wins or loses. Let's look at just how important horse rebates can be to you when you bet on horses.

Horse betting rebates are a way for you to turn a profit even if you have a losing day. You probably already know that the best way to beat the ponies in the long run is to play the exotics and the great part about betting exotics is that the rebates are the highest.

Horse betting rebates are a way for you to turn a profit even if you have a losing day. Off Track Betting Rebate List

5% Loser Turns into 5% Winner
Let's look at a specific example to see just how you can go from winning to losing in horse wagering. Let's say you wager on horses each month and basically break even or lose about 5%. If you were able to get rebates that totaled 10%, you would go from a player who lost money into a player that won money. And keep in mind that the more you wager, the more you will receive in rebates. Many horse racing rebates on exotics can be even higher than 10%. You can oftentimes get 6% on exotic wagers like the superfecta, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6.

Let's consider another scenario. If your total for the day on Pick 3's was $100, then you would end up getting $12 back on your wagers. You might have just broke even on your $100 outlay but with the rebate you ended up making $12 on the day. What if you multiply that by 30 days when you bet the horses? Or what if instead of wagering $100 you wagered $1,000? Do you get the idea of just how rebates can turn a losing player into a winning one in horse betting?

Exotic Rebates
The rebates are not quite as high on win, place and show wagers but long time horse players rarely make their money that way. They play exotic wagers like Quinella's, Daily Doubles, Pick 3's, etc. And those are the wagers where the rebates are the highest. It is a win-win for horse players who love to bet exotics in off-track betting.

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