OTB Account funding with PayNearMe

Make easy cash deposits to your OTB account at CVS, 7-Eleven & Family Dollar retail locations.

OTB Cash Funding with PayNearMe is excited to partner with PayNearMe to offer a fast and convenient way to fund your OTB horse betting account with cash from your participating neighborhood CVS®, 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar store®!

  • Avoid credit card fees and interest charges
  • Use Cash - Not linked to a bank account
  • Deposit at any CVS, 7-Eleven or Family Dollar store

How PayNearMe Works

  1. Log in to your Account and click "Fund"
  2. Click the PayNearMe button and follow the instructions to get your personalized (and reusable!) PayNearMe PaySlip (either print it out, or have it sent to your smart phone).
  3. Take the PaySlip to your nearest CVS, 7-Eleven or Family Dollar and present it to the cashier with an amount to deposit via cash.
  4. That's it - your funds will post to your OTB account within 20 minutes. All you have to do is log in and start wagering!

PayNearMe FAQs

PayNearMe is the cash transaction network that enables you to deposit to your account with cash. You can make deposits conveniently in your own neighborhood or where you work in less than 60 seconds at any one of 8,600 participating CVS, 7-Eleven stores and 8,000 Family Dollar locations nationwide. Check for location near you.
PayNearMe provides an easy and convenient payment mechanism for you to make a cash deposit to your wagering account at a local retail location.

First, you need a PaySlip - either print a PaySlip or send it to your smart phone. Then present your PaySlip at the register of a local CVS, 7-Eleven store along with payment and, in real time, is notified and the deposit is credited to your wagering account. A detailed receipt prints for the your records before you leave the local store.

A PayNearMe PaySlip is what your bring to your local CVS, 7-Eleven or Family Dollar store. From the "Fund" area (after you log in to, print out your PayNearMe PaySlip or send it to your smart phone, then take it to your local store to make your cash deposit.
The first thing you should do is print out the PayNearMe PaySlip or send it to your mobile phone. Once you have the PaySlip, bring it to a local CVS, 7-Eleven or Family Dollar store and hand it to the store associate. The store associate will scan the barcode or enter the payment code on the PaySlip and take your payment. Once you pay, will be notified immediately, your wagering account will be credited and you will receive a detailed receipt.
Yes. PayNearMe charges a convenience fee up to $4.99 each time you make a deposit. does not charge nor collect this fee, and you pay it along with your requested deposit amount at the local retail store.
PayNearMe is working hard to add many more convenient locations. Please check back often to find a store near you.
After you request your PayNearMe PaySlip from the "Fund" area, you can print it or request an email or smart phone message containing a link to your PayNearMe PaySlip. If you lose your PayNearMe PaySlip, you can re-print the slip by clicking the link that you received via email/smartphone, or you can simply request it again from the "Fund" area.
You can pay at your local participating CVS, 7-Eleven or Family Dollar (Check for location near you). Once you find a store near you, bring your PaySlip to the store, hand it to the store associate and pay. Your OTB account will be credited immediately and you will receive a detailed receipt.
There is no limit to the number of PayNearMe deposits you can make to your account, and your barcode is reusable. There are limits on transactions however:

  • Minimum deposit: $1
  • Maximum deposit: $500
  • $500 limit per 24-hour period
  • $10,000 limit per 30-day period

Your First PayNearMe Fee up to $4.99 Is On OTB

PayNearMe OTB Funding

To get you started, will reimburse the $4.99 fee on your first PayNearMe deposit. Since OTB doesn't charge any fees to deposit with PayNearMe, this means the cost of your first deposit with PayNearMe is totally reimbursed!

To claim your reimbursement for your 1st PayNearMe deposit, please email
Please allow 72 hours for the PayNearMe fee to be credited to your account.

** will refund the PayNearMe fee ($4.99) to your account within 72 hours of the date of your deposit. Eligible only to customers who have never deposited with PayNearMe. One Credit per account. This promotion may be discontinued at any time, without notice.

Please note:

  • Internet gambling may be unlawful in the jurisdiction in which you are located; if so, you are not authorized to use your payment card to complete a transaction with us.
  • We recommend that you retain a copy of all transaction records and our policies and rules.
  • If you are not of legal age to wager in your jurisdiction, you are prohibited from using this site. See our Terms and Conditions for details.