How to Find Value in Horse Betting

Rob Gregorka
Updated: August 16, 2011 -- 1:20 PM ET

Las Vegas, NV -- There is no question that to be successful when you bet the horses, you have to find value. It doesn't take long to lose money if you are constantly betting even money favorites in horse betting. Value is a key thing to remember as you bet the ponies. Where do you find that value?

Value can be found in more than one place in horse wagering. You may find it in straight wagers like win, place or show but you are more likely to find it in exotic options like the pick three, pick four and pick six. The track has a high take percentage and to overcome it you must find value somewhere or you are not going to make money.

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Sometimes you can find value in the straight bets because the public misses something, but the problem with consistently finding that value with win, place or show bets is that it doesn't happen that often. Usually the inside information is tough to discover so focusing on exotic wagers is a better choice. The best place to find value is with pick three, pick four and pick six wagers. You can find even more value if you are willing to take a chance on pick six carryovers. These happen in horse betting when the pick six is missed at the track. The carryover goes to the next day and that makes the pick six worth considering.

As you look for value there is something else to consider and that is rebates. Anytime you can get money back on your wagers, it goes right back into your pocket. You can get great horse racing rebates at

Value is something that all gamblers look for but rarely find. It is not any easier to find in off-track betting, especially if you follow the crowd and bet favorites. Focusing on the multi-race options is one way to get some value and getting rebates is another way. Always remember when you make a horse wager that you are fighting a big track take out. You need to hit big tickets to overcome that big edge when you make a horse bet and you need to get money back on all of your wagers which is why rebates are essential.

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