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KEY RACE REPORTS - The Off Track Betting Key Race Report is designed to augment your Thoroughbred horse handicapping picks by easily pointing out one of the most successful angles in identifying potential live horses and value plays. Determine the best horse racing selections and picks by using Off Track Betting handicapping reports. The daily Thoroughbred key race report is valuable horse racing data for beginners, as well as expert horse racing enthusiasts.

The key race report is organized by the Race Track and Race that horses coming out of key races are entered in.

The report uses only key races, identified by a proprietary algorithm, in the past 90 days. You will not find this information anywhere else!

The report lists horses that have run back 1 time from the key race. The horse may have any variety of factors that may cause you to discount the first race back.

How to read this report:

  • * = Horse has run once since Key Race
  • NR = Number of Runners
  • RB = Run back
  • RN = Race number
  • PN = Program number
  • [X] = Strong last race
  • HorseName[S] = Superior Speed at Today's Distance
  • FR = Number of horses in today's race that have shown recent speed

Special Column "B" information:

  • C = Closing
  • S = Speed
  • ^ = Horse ran against bias in that race
  • The report indicates 4 levels of strength of bias:
  • LowerCase = Slight
  • LowerCase Bold = Moderate
  • UpperCase = Strong
  • UpperCase Bold = Very Strong

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OTB Schedule - Tuesday, Sep 27

Race Tracks Time (EST)
Australia A 11:08 PM
Australia B 11:18 PM
Australia C 11:40 PM
Daytona Beach Eve 7:27 PM
Dayton Raceway 2:03 PM
Finger Lakes 1:11 PM
Flamboro Downs 6:03 PM
Fort Erie 1:54 PM
Harrington Raceway 5:05 PM
Laurel Park 3:39 PM
Mohawk 7:34 PM
Monticello Raceway 12:55 PM
Mountaineer Park 7:01 PM
Northfield Park 6:10 PM
Palm Beach Mat 1:04 PM
Parx Racing 12:56 PM
Plainridge 1:09 PM
Pocono Downs 6:36 PM
Portland Meadows 3:03 PM
Presque Isle 5:26 PM
Rosecroft Raceway 6:41 PM
Wheeling Downs Mat 12:35 PM
Yonkers Raceway 1:01 PM
Zia Park 2:11 PM

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