Green Dot® MoneyPak®

MoneyPak Horse Betting accepts Green Dot MoneyPak deposits for online horse racing & greyhound wagering.

Instant Cash Funding with Green Dot MoneyPak

Fund your OTB account quickly and securely with cash using Green Dot MoneyPak! MoneyPak can be purchased at thousands of retailers nationwide (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Office Depot plus many more).

Click Here to find a location near you.

MoneyPak is a quick and easy way to use cash online without the hassle of credit cards or bank accounts. The best part about it is that the funds are available immediately once the MoneyPak is applied to your account.

  • Avoid credit card fees and interest charges
  • Not linked to a bank account
  • Instant access to your funds

How MoneyPak Works

  1. Pick up a MoneyPak from a retailer near you, including:
    ADW funding with MoneyPak

    Important Note: Buy a MoneyPak - not a GreenDot pre-paid Visa/Mastercard!

  2. Hand the cashier the MoneyPak and the amount of cash you want to add, plus a service fee of $5.95.
  3. Login to your account at, click "Deposit" and follow the steps to apply the funds to your account by entering the MoneyPak number from the back of your MoneyPak.
  4. And that's it! Your funds will be available instantly once MoneyPak is applied to your account.

Green Dot MoneyPak FAQs

MoneyPak lets you enjoy the benefits of without using your bank account. Avoid funding delays and get access to your funds instantly once your MoneyPak deposit is applied to your account. does not charge a fee to add funds to your wagering account with MoneyPak. There is a service fee of $5.95 when you purchase a MoneyPak. This service fee does not go to
MoneyPak can be purchased at thousands of stores nationwide, including major retailers including Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, + many more.

Click Here to find a location near you.

Pick up a MoneyPak from the Prepaid Product Section or Green Dot display and take it to the register. The cashier will collect your cash and add it to the MoneyPak. You can add any amount from $20 to $500 onto a MoneyPak at most retailers.

The $5.95 service fee will be added to your purchase.

DO NOT PURCHASE a Green Dot prepaid Visa or MasterCard to fund your OTB account, as only MoneyPak can be used to add funds to your account.

Log in to your account and click the "DEPOSIT" button.

Select the Green Dot MoneyPak deposit option, and enter the MoneyPak Number found on the back of the package.

Enter the amount of money that you want to deposit to your OTB wagering account and click "DEPOSIT".

You'll receive online confirmation of a successful deposit, and your account balance will be updated within a few seconds.

Once the MoneyPak is applied the deposit will generally take no more than a few seconds to post to your wagering account.

Some retailers take up to one hour to process the sale of a MoneyPak. If it has been more than one hour from the time of purchase and your MoneyPak number is still not working, please call Customer Service at 1-855-941-1010.

  • Deposit limits for using MoneyPak to add funds to your account are:
    A maximum of FOUR deposits and/or $1,500 within a single 24-hour period.
    A maximum of SEVEN deposits and/or $3,500 within a single SEVEN day period.
    A maximum of TWENTY deposits and/or $5,000 within a THIRTY day period.
NO - MoneyPak can only be used to add cash to your account. MoneyPaks are not reloadable.

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