Horse Betting with Dwolla

Free, secure & fast bank account to OTB account transfers.

OTB Account Wagering with Dwolla

OffTrackBetting.com is excited to partner with Dwolla to offer a new way to fund your OTB account! Dwolla is a 3rd part e-Wallet that provides a easy and secure way to use cash online without the hassle and fees of credit or debit cards. When you initiate a deposit at OTB from your Dwolla account, those funds are available instantly.

  • Avoid credit card fees and interest charges
  • Linked to your bank account for easy, secure funding
  • No fees to send money

How Dwolla Works

  1. Create a free Dwolla Account at Dwolla.com
  2. Link your bank account in order to move money to your Dwolla account
  3. Login to your OTB account, click "Fund" and follow the steps to link your Dwolla account to your OTB account and make a deposit.
  4. That's it - Your funds will transfer from your Dwolla account to your OTB wagering account in mere seconds.

Dwolla FAQs

Dwolla is a cash based payment network, just in a way that many aren't used to seeing, yet. Dwolla allows you to pay for goods and services on their payment network, while also giving you the freedom to send and receive cash with whomever via their peer-to-peer payment platform; however, they do it without the expensive fees, debt-inducing policies, and antiquated plastic credit cards.

What's unique is what they've done on top of that network. Dwolla has built a family of technologies that make it quick, easy and secure to send and receive money the way you want. Whether that means buying a latte with your phone at your favorite coffee shop, paying for a new pair of shoes online or sending money to a Facebook friend, Dwolla represents a whole new payment experience that we believe is the future of cash.

Dwolla isn't only safe, it's safer than plastic!

The numbers on your card correspond with a bunch of private information that can easily be stolen and used fraudulently. Every time you flash your card or hand it to a waiter, you're jeopardizing your financial security. With Dwolla, none of your information is transferred/released/captured/transcribed during a transaction. Furthermore, Dwolla's mobile and online payments are layered with security features that not even banks or the credit card industries have. Simply put, Dwolla allows you to move your money the way you want to without exposing or sharing your personal information to a third party.
Dwolla currently works on the bank transfer network, which allows you to move your funds to and from your bank and Dwolla accounts. If your financial institution has been FiSync-enabled, load and unload times could be instantaneous. Otherwise, moving money to and from your accounts can take 2-4 to business days.
FiSync is unlike any other technology on the market. When implemented within a partnering financial institution, the product will provide members quicker and easier access to their funds. How fast depends on your bank or credit union's integration level. Some partnerships will provide instantaneous access to your funds, allowing you to spend the money in your bank account via your Dwolla account instantly, while others will bypass the verification steps involved in signing up a Dwolla account. Feel free to contact your institution about their level of integration, and if they've never heard of FiSync, tell them about it!
Adding a bank account is necessary if you wish to add or withdraw funds to and from your Dwolla account. If you choose to verify your bank, Dwolla will make two small deposits into your bank account that should appear within 2-3 business days.

Dwolla has a great website support page available at help.dwolla.com

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