Horse Racing Rebates - The Horseplayer's Advantage

Rob Gregorka

Las Vegas, NV -- Whether it is getting cash back on your credit card, cashing in a coupon at the store or getting bonuses at the casino, everyone loves free money. In the case of horse racing, the free money is known as a rebate. Just exactly what is a horse racing rebate, and how can you get it?

What is a horse racing rebate?

A horse racing rebate is a bonus paid to you whether or not your bets win or lose. The amount of the horse racing rebate will vary by track and by the type of horse racing bet but it can go up to 6%. has a horse racing rebate program that gives rebates to players every single day. The rebates go directly into the player's accounts the next day so the money can be used almost immediately.

Many horseplayers still don't take advantage of rebates at OTB

You might be surprised to learn that many horseplayers still don't take advantage of rebates at OTB. That is also the reason that most of those players don't win money. It is tough to overcome the track takeout, but if you factor in a rebate of 5%, 10% or even 6%, then the chances of coming out ahead increase. For players that struggle to break even at horse racing, the rebates are huge because it is free money back into their account that can be used the next day. It doesn't matter whether players make win, place or show wagers or if they choose to bet the exotics, as horse rebates are available on many different types of horse betting wagers.

Get a horse racing rebate and a $100 signup bonus - Join OTB today!

Rebates really change the game of horse betting because no longer do you have to end up on the plus side to make money. For example, you might wager $1,000 in a month and pretty much break even. If you factor in a rebate of even 5%, then you are now in the black. The bigger the rebate, the more money you come out ahead. At online racebook, the more money you wager, the more in rebates you will collect.

Horse racing rebates are simple to get

It is really simple to get a horse racing rebate. At, all you need to do is signup and start wagering. It is really that easy. The amount of rebate will vary depending upon the track and the bet, but the great news is that you will be getting money back into your account on a regular basis. Join OTB and start cashing in today!

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