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Rob Gregorka

Las Vegas, NV -- When it comes to making money at horse betting, there are countless systems that gamblers try. You have some that focus on trainer-jockey combinations while others look at things like class, pace or speed. The problem with horse betting systems is that none of them will work all of the time. What if there was a horse betting system that actually worked and didn’t rely upon different factors to get you money? There is something that does that although it really isn’t called a system. It is called a horse betting rebate.

A rebate is where you get money back on every bet you make whether it wins or loses. The amounts vary but you can oftentimes get up to 6% back on your wagers. Could you make a profit at horse betting with a rebate of 6%? It sure makes horse wagering something to consider when you get that type of rebate. Some of the best rebates are offered at off track betting sites and the more you wager, the more you get back in rebates.

A rebate is where you get money back on every bet you make whether it wins or loses.

It is tough to find a horse betting system that works all the time but if you can find something that even gets you to the break even mark, you will be doing great because of the rebates you are collecting. A very easy system that has been around since horse racing betting started is to simply bet the favorite. This would be a grind it out system where you were just looking to break even and then collect on your rebates. The problem is not enough favorites win to make it profitable. The professional horse players I know have the ability to throw out bad favorites and bring their winning percentage up. Most people will look at other systems because they offer bigger returns. Some gamblers follow the late money on the toteboard and hope that it is smart money. The problem with that system is that it doesn"t work much better than any other system. Other people will follow horse racing touts, while others will look to make money with the exotics.

Horse racing results are unpredictable and so are the many different horse betting systems and that is why a rebate is mandatory if you want to stay in the black or at least enjoy the Sport of Kings more and have your dollars last longer. There are many betting systems for horse racing but unfortunately none have shown that they win in the long run but with a rebate you have a guaranteed way to get money back on every horse bet you make. Not many gamblers can say, 'I win every time.'

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Bet Belmont Stakes 2020

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