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Pimlico Preakness Rebate

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Las Vegas, NV -- Did you know that you can get free money when betting on horses? Did you also know that your bets don't have to win for you to cash in? Horse racing rebates and bonuses are available at starting with a $100 sign up bonus.

Horse Betting Rebates vary by Track

The $100 bonus available at OTB is for new customers who open up an account and place wagers that total at least $300. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose those wagers - you still get the bonus.

In addition to getting a bonus at, you also get daily rebates on your horse betting wagers. Some of the rebates are as high as 6% at certain tracks. And you get these rebates every single day on your horse bets whether they win or lose. When was the last time you were rewarded for a losing bet? It happens with horse racing rebates as you get a percentage back every day that you wager.

New Sign Up $100 Bonus

A horse-racing rebate is simply a cash reward that is paid on every wager that you make whether it wins or loses. The amount of the rebate will vary depending upon the track and upon the type of bet you make. Check out the rebates available for each track at OTB. The higher rebates are offered on the exotic bets but that is not bad news because most horse players know that exotics are where money can be made in horse racing betting.

To illustrate just how valuable horse racing rebates can be to you as a bettor, let's take an example. Let's say that you bet the Preakness, which is run at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland and wager $500 on the race. You split that up into various bets with $100 going into win, place and show wagers, $100 into exacta and trifectas and the other $300 into pick threes, the pick fours and superfectas. You would get $45 back into your account the next day regardless of whether your bets won or lost. And that was just based on $500 wagered on a single track. Think of how much money you would be getting back each day in rebates if you wagered on multiple tracks.

To get your bonus and start earning rebates, you simply have to open an account at, make a deposit and start wagering. It is just that easy to get started.

Get a horse racing rebate and a $100 signup bonus - Join OTB today!

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