$200,000 Swale (G2) Quotes

December 10, 2019

Trainer Nick Zito (Spot): “First, I’ve got to thank the Lord. Second, I have to thank Mr. (Joseph) Moss. He’s an elderly gentleman who loves this sport. He’s just looking for horses like this. He’s been trying for a two years now. We’ve got to a couple sales and things haven’t worked out. I watched this horse run a month ago, and I know (owner/breeder) Mr. (Curtis) Green very well. I approached him, and he said, ‘Why not?’ Mr. Moss is getting up there in age and has so much guts, it’s amazing.

“I expected improvement. He hadn’t run in a while. We got him, and we started to like him. Sometimes they go to a new place and things change. I got goose bumps. “I said, ‘Havana will keep the field down, let do it.’ That’s what I did. I figured he would keep out of trouble, and it worked out perfectly.

“I want to thank Mr. Green again for selling me this horse. Everybody is saying Kentucky Derby, but I don’t know. I wish there were a mile race here. I’ll figure it out. You never know. If he keeps his composure, because these are real horses.”

Jockey Jose Lezcano (Spot): “He broke good and the speed went very good in front of him. When I asked him, he came running and he gave me the kick that I needed to win the race. The horse that finished second had to go on the pace the whole way and gave me the opportunity to win the race. When I really asked him, he took off very good.”

Jockey Javier Castellano (No Nay Never): "He was fresh and hadn't run in a while. He came out quick, broke on top, but I had to rate a little bit because the horse inside (#2, Can't Stop the Kid) had speed and I let him go. But that horse stopped so quick, and when my horse got on the lead he seemed to completely lose his momentum. (Spot) got the jump on me and my horse responded when I asked him. Unfortunately he did all of the hard work in the race."

Fractions: :22.24, :44.49, 1:09.68, 1:22.44. Track fast

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