Quotes from Frankie Dettori

December 10, 2019

Quotes from Frankie Dettori after winning the eighth race at Saratoga Race Course, his second mount ever at the Spa

"It feels great. To get the first one out of the way, great. It was a great feeling when I crossed that line, you know? I felt like a kid again. It's a childhood dream to ride at Saratoga and I managed to do it. I only just started - I'm here until Monday."

"I was in Istanbul Wednesday night, and rode in England last night and slept at the airport. I got a morning flight and I arrived at 11 a.m. [in New York] but they lost my luggage. As you can see I got Rajiv [Maragh's] pants and boots and [Julien] Leparoux's whip, so I borrowed a bit from everyone. Hopefully my tack will arrive tomorrow; otherwise I got to take this lucky one back with me."

"When I rode, I thought I was in Disney World, there were so many people. I thought maybe I got the wrong venue. It's nice to see people at the races. It's very warm - the people make the atmosphere. There's a lot of warmth here."

"I stay [only] until Monday, but maybe I'll come back."

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