Rainbow 6 Carryover Climbs to $1,127,355.43

December 10, 2019

The 20-cent Rainbow 6 jackpot remained elusive to bettors for the 31st consecutive day, generating a carryover of $1,127,355.43 heading into Friday’s card. A total of $353,478 was wagered on the multi-race wager Thursday.

No single ticket was alive for the jackpot going into the 10th and final race. The 1-10-5-4-1-10 combination for the last six races paid $5,906.28 to multiple ticketholders.

The popular wager, which requires a bettor to hold the only unique ticket in the six-race sequence to collect the jackpot, has not been paid out since January 10, when it was cashed for $30,670.26.

Rainbow 6 Carryover: $1,127,355.43

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