December 10, 2019


MIKE SMITH, AWESOME BABY, WINNER: “The game plan was to break and get a clear lead so we could give her a chance to take a breather.

“We weren’t sure that she would go long; she didn’t at two. We got the first quarter in twenty-three and it was all her after that. I told Bob that I don’t know if it was her turning three or the mud today, but I finished with something left. That was real impressive to me since I didn’t know if she was going to get the distance at all. And, not only did we get it, but she was well within herself at the wire and pulled up with a lot of energy. I was really impressed.

“I love riding in this stuff; I come from back east. It’s the tracks that are drying out that no one really likes but these wet/fast tracks, they’re great to ride on.”


BOB BAFFERT, AWESOME BABY, WINNER: “She’s been working really well and we’ve been pointing her for this race. I was a little bit worried about the off track, but she was very professional today and we were hoping she would run this well. Mike (Smith) did a great job of keeping her on the lead.”

NOTES: Winning owner Kaleem Shah is from San Diego.

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