'Trevor' Will Be Back In The Saddle For His 40th Del Mar Season

June 10, 2024

Denamn | Benoit Photo

Trevor Denman © Benoit Photo

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Trevor Denman, the iconic race caller who has been identified with Del Mar and all its surf and turf since 1984, will once again step to the mic high above the grandstand at the seaside oval this summer for his 40th season at the shore.

The South African expatriate has called every summer session but one since his initial presentation to the Del Mar crowd in the mid-80s, missing only the diminished COVID-19 season in 2020 when he and his wife Robin rode out the pandemic at their rural Minnesota farm.

Denman’s introduction to American racing at Santa Anita in 1983 led to a revolution in the format and style employed by race callers ever after. Instead of the standard staccato position and distance references, the now 71-year-old Denman painted racing fans a picture of what was unfolding before them, seeing moves in advance of them happening and lyrically alerting listeners to what was to come.         

His colorful catchphrases quickly became part of racetrack lore. His out-of-the-gate call of “And Away They Go” gave a new edge to the standard “And they’re off.” He introduced lines like “They would need to sprout wings to catch….”; “Sooooo impressive….”; and “Moving like a winner….”, which told racing aficionados all they needed to know about what was unfolding before their eyes.

His unique deliveries spread to other media realms. He was the caller in many racing movies, notably “Let It Ride” and “Beverly Hills Cop I and II,” as well as around 30 other TV and movie spots. He was even the focus of a “The Simpsons” TV cartoon show.

He called races at a half-dozen other racetracks across America and was the voice of the Breeders’ Cup for its run on ESPN.

Del Mar will open for its 85th summer stand on Saturday, July 20. There will be 31 days of racing all told going through Sunday, September 8, featuring 39 stakes races worth more than $7.8-million.

After the opening weekend, racing will settle in to a Thursday-through-Sunday pace with most afternoons starting with a 2 p.m. first post.

Much more information about the meet can easily be obtained at dmtc.com.