$100,000 Mr. Prospector (G3) Quotes

December 10, 2019

Trainer Dale Romans (Squadron A): “We looked at the PPs [past performances] and it was all speed, all speed. There was an allowance race a couple days earlier, so we had already been training for a race. We were ready to run, so we said, ‘We’ll take a shot.’”

“They were running along there pretty good and Corey (Lanerie) got through on the fence and saved all the ground. Things went right. It was meant to be. We started the year off right.”

“I train so few sprinters, I don’t know the layout. I’m going to have to look around. We’ll have to try a stake somewhere, but that’s never been my M-O, training a sprinter. He’s fun, so we’ll see what’s there for him.”

Jockey Corey Lanerie (Squadron A): “Looking at the Form it looked like everybody in the race wanted to be in the front or right there. There was a lot of speed in there. I was hoping to find a good spot to close into it. I saw everybody warming up really good, so I had a good indication that they would be sending. It worked out perfect. Four of them tried to go to the lead and they fell back into my lap."

Was it a conscious decision to be on the inside in the stretch? “It’s how it played out. I was starting to angle out. Then I saw everyone shift out and the rail wide open.”

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